Bocce Ball - FAQ


How many people on a team? Teams need a minimum of 5 players on the roster. A minimum of 2 players per team must be present each week to play.

Who goes first? Begin the game with a coin flip or play rock, paper, scissors between the two captains. The winner determines the end from which play will start, has the first toss of the pallino, and chooses the color of their team’s bocce balls. In the playoffs, the higher seeded team has those privileges.

How long is a game? A regulation game lasts 45 minutes from the designated start time or until one team reaches 15 points.

How do I know when I play? The schedule for each week is posted on the schedule page.

What happens if the other team doesn’t show up? A team has 10 minutes past the designated start time to show up.  If they do show up late, but within the allotted 10 minutes, your teams will not receive extra time to play and you must complete your game in the remaining time. If they do not show up, the result is a forfeit.  The team that shows up will win with a score of 15-5.

Can I step inside the court during my throw? Yes. For field play you should treat the boundary markers as though they are the boundaries of a walled court.  You are allowed to take two steps into the court during the motion of your throw.

What happens if a ball goes outside of the court? During field play, any ball that first hits the ground in-bounds is live no matter where it stops.  A ball is considered dead only if it first hits the ground out of bounds or is knocked out of bounds by another live ball.  Any live ball that is contacted by a dead ball must be allowed to roll until it rests and is then to remain in its new location.  During court games, any ball that leaves the court is considered dead and out of play.

What constitutes a valid throw of the pallino? The starting player of each frame may toss the pallino any distance so long as the pallino passes the center line and is approximately two paces from the end line on the opposite side. For court play, the pallino must cross the center line, not touch the back wall on the opposite side, and come to rest at least one foot in from the side boards, although it may be bounced off the sideboards.

What happens if the pallino gets knocked out of bounds? If the pallino is knocked out of the courts boundaries or back in front of the center line the frame will end, no points are awarded, and the game will resume from the opposite end of the court with the same team tossing the pallino. For court play, once the pallino has been validly put into play, it remains in play even if it hits the backboard.

What happens if the closest ball of each team is equidistant from the pallino at the end of a frame? If the captains decide the closest ball of each team is equal in distance from the pallino, the team with the next cloest ball is awarded one point.

How much does it cost? The registration fee is $56.50 per player. The registration fee for Atlanta Bocce League players covers all costs, includes an official t-shirt, food & drinks specials, and exclusive event opportunities throughout the season.

What is the refund policy? You are permitted a 50% refund of registration fees if you request the refund prior to the respective seasons original registration close date and time. Once registration has closed, no refunds are provided and any potential credits related to a refund request are at the discretion of Atlanta Bocce League, LLC and based on the circumstances of the request. Additionally, players acknowledge and agree that Atlanta Bocce League, LLC may at any time without advanced notice change game dates, game times, and game locations when deemed necessary to facilitate and execute games. 

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